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Upcoming Personal Protection Workshop - June 2024

GOALS of this Workshop include:

  1. Greater awareness of safety and security in our area

  2. Learning to make risk-based safety decisions.

  3. Being able to deal with conflict before they escalate.

  4. More confidence in dealing with unknown situations.

  5. Physically protecting yourself when attacked

The Workshop covers:

  1. Situational Awareness & Cooper’s Colors

  2. Reading And Recognizing High Risk Behavior

  3. Decrease Chance of Becoming A Victim

  4. Conflict De-escalation:

  5. Dealing With Physical Attacks

  6. Psychogeography - Personal Spacing and risk

  7. Staying Safe in A Riot

  8. Dealing With Car Jackings

  9. Dealing with a Mass shooting

  10. Mental Training for Personal Safety.

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