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Social Cybersecurity: Protecting the Cognitive Domain from Hacking

Here is my latest article on Cybersecurity (you will need do a

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Social cybersecurity is an emerging field that focuses on understanding the impact of human behavior on information security, and the social, cultural, and political impact of cyber technology and cyberthreats. Unlike traditional cybersecurity, which is focused on the risk of hacking machines, social cybersecurity is concerned with the threat of hacking people. For example, one of the biggest social cybersecurity threats is ‘cognitive hacking’. Cognitive hacking is a type of cyber-attack that targets individuals and groups beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors by exploiting their psychological vulnerabilities, cognitive biases, and prejudices. Its goal is to influence the target’s perception of reality so they can be more easily manipulated. As a result, protecting people and organizations from cognitive hacks must become a primary goal of cybersecurity along with protecting information systems. This requires a new type of an information security professional who understands risks and threats to both technology and people. As a result, we need to recognize the increasing importance that social cybersecurity will play in keeping people, organizations, and even nations safer.

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